Good Morning Everyone and I hope you are all enjoying some of the stillness and beauty that this Taurean energy can often bring! I seem to love it in the moment, and in the next moment, I say… where is all of the excitement and fun?! As you all know by now, my life has been built around my professional world…. and somehow the people close to me,… my children, family and closest friends, have learned over the years to put up with it all! It is a challenge I know, that when you love someone that remains in a constant state of thought for everyone else, to receive the undivided attention, you really do deserve. The many closest to me I love so very much, but they also understand that my thoughts go everywhere else… From the minute I wake, I am thinking, creating, seeing, looking, feeling, knowing,connecting and manifesting for someone else, and I have realized of late that it could be so difficult for the people who are so close. It is also not unusual that in my moments of my being engrossed in my inner psychic world, I have become snappish and oblivious to the people I love the most. Because of this, these last few weeks, have had me looking at many things, and I just wanted to preface this story of manifesting to tell them all that I love, appreciate and cherish them all, and to thank them for their continued patience and support of my mission to serve others with my psychic gifts! I also wanted to remind them all that I have been and always will be here for them and the way they want to create their personal worlds…. I also promised them that I would slow down and have a little fun, and though they have known me to do the many things I say… especially when they hear… : Trust Me, or Mark My Words… You’ll See… it is True… Crazy or Not Here it Comes…. they all know what to expect next…. I have been known to create the most magical of things, the miraculous at times, and yet they never really shake their heads… You will hear: Oh here she goes, and then they know it will all unfold… so this is a little moment where I am taking a little moment… it is a time out for me and a reminder for them, and of course I want everyone else to join the fun… though there have been many… this is one of my crazy visions of late… and it all began with me daydreaming about the movie “A Star Is Born, “…..

I have had a crush on Kris Kristofferson for probably 30 years, and I have been thinking of his age of late, remembering a run in with him, the last 5 years it was at a local light… I thought for a moment, why did I not take action to enjoy a few more moments, and really regretted not taking some time, to pursue more to learn all that he has done! I love to study the multifaceted and talented people of the world, and everyone has so much to share.. with him inparticular…. I had this affinity… and did not know why… up until now… when I went on a rampage to determine why I could not get this actor/entertainer out of my head… So the long and short of it is this… with no other knowing around. I begin to search Mr. Google… always looking for a connection somehow.. and then I find out he served in the Army, was stationed in Germany with my father that I love, and a string of undeniably startling connections of my path in this life. I said Ah ha! Then put it to rest… in the two day period that I was on this little mission, I heard from a friend of my father’s to confirm all that I learned! I had not heard from him in many, many years, but this was all in a random few days! There are no coincidences here!!!! But who knows, really, what the point to it all is, other than the motivating things that we learn from someone else… And so… I dropped it and said.,… oh well… in another life… still regretting my lack of following through with my previous chance 5 years ago!

So life went on and two days passed… and I am at another random light in town… and I see a photo of Kris Kristofferson, out of nowhere, I could not read it all as I passed, I said~ WEIRD! But not really, I come home to sign in on line, and in my in box… Kris Kristofferson is coming to town!!! Become a member of the theatre and get your tickets first… And so I did….. and so I am now going to get that chance to hopefully learn a little more… and hopefully uncover why I have this affinity about it all.. this desire to uncover so much more… and then I discover a little more… and it gets more WEIRD! So… a client of mine, we have a little exchange, and I figure I would bring her along in the back of my mind… she writes when I mention him in random…. that she has loved him too.. and many other things, but that was my answer to invite her for sure… and so now… we are going tomorrow night…. could be interesting but not at all …… SO… do you think this is just a random bit of fun? Is it to remind me of where I am supposed to go and has this ever happened to you before??? It is one of many in my world… but I would love for you all to share…

Here is our contest for a little fun, and I am sending free minutes for a reading with me at,…. let’s create something together to make life more than what it is ,…… 15 minutes will be awarded for the best blog, and three second place winners with 5 minutes each… of course everyone who blogs will receive minutes toward a call!!! This is what I would like you to do… either tell me your similar story… of how the random events in your life ended with a special moment or time, or go ahead and create an outcome for tomorrow night!!! Yes! You are all psychic of course, so no excuses, see how far you can go!!! You can predict an outcome if you like, and if it ends with a night of fun for Alicia and I, that in itself is enough…. of course I have plans to try and pick his brain,… but what if they even cancel the show??? Hm! A possibility! …..and now I realize too that he has the degree that I will return to school to receive next year… this is what I felt was meant for me,…. THE MESSAGE… Okay… have fun and take your time!!! I will blog about our night, and I will keep this open until the 18th of May! Thanks for sharing your moments with us!!!!  With Love and Miracles Abound~ Katt xo