Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Pisces New Moon! Because Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, I thought it would be fun, while we are all a little tired of our current year cycle, to dream a little bit together and share our visions of what sign we would all like to be, the next time we return! Please blog here, and include your screen name from over at 12Listen.com… I would love to send free minutes for anyone who shares their dreams and visions! When you are through, I will share mine too, and on March 9th, we have a special over at 12Listen that ends during the hour of my show… For any of you who schedule for that day, between the hours of 11:00am PST, and 2:00pm, PST… post in the box, the sign that I decide to choose, and I will reduce your rate accordingly! Of course as a Gemini… I would want to choose them all, but I will meditate through this week and share a Katt Tale for you!  Have fun and let’s be crazy!!! Love and Miracles Abound! Katt ~