It is amazing really, how we can think, feel and convince ourselves in one moment that things are never going to be different again… and in the very next moment we realize that things… or ourselves…. will never be the same again! As I set off for my Denver experience, life was seemingly exactly where I wanted it to be… though I felt antsy for change and renewal… Hours later Audra picks me up and from the moment I get to Mark and John’s I am awakened with the thought that things are never going to be the same again! I thought… OH HERE WE GO AGAIN! I could not have been more correct… or psychic some would say… as it has been a 12 day experience that even words can not express all that was accomplished and how much we have all grown! Seeds have been planted and then some! Just want to add a special thanks to Mark, John, Audra, the amazing 12 Listen crowd and all of my amazing clients here in Denver. My life has been touched and I am leaving my sweaters in the closet in you know who’s spare room! Shhhh. Do not tell him as I am a high maintenance guest!! Sending love to all of you and ready to call Major Tom to Ground Control!!! Thank you all so much!!! With Love and Miracles Abound!!!! Katt~ xo