Love her, love her. Amazing abilities. She sees and accurately describes exactly what is currently going on in my life. She saw a name and my looking up this person on the internet, which I had been doing the night before. She is direct, honest and funny and has been accurate in her predictions for me. I consult her regularly and she has never led me wrong. A true find.


A Chat with Psychic Katt:

As a clairvoyant, Katt receives visual messages like a movie on a screen. These messages come from multiple loving sources including spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters.  They appear in forms that help you trust and receive their messages.

No two readings are the same; each message is personal and relevant to the client in that particular space and time. Katt uses her intuition and experience to determine if and when additional oracles such as Tarot or Astrology will be helpful in a particular session. You can be assured, whatever tool is included helps to more fully guide you through the pressing issues of your life so that you can make loving and fearless choices with remarkable outcomes.

As a teacher, I understand the importance of communication. It is my goal to relay information simply so that you have a clear understanding of the message you received and know how to apply it in your life before we close our session.

Readings are not just my livelihood, they are my life. I am overjoyed with the privilege of acting as your temporary guide and sharing your journey with you so you know you are not alone.

Katt is available for telephone and e-mailed based readings exclusively at Call now or sign on to and request a scheduled reading at a time that is good for you.

Special rates may be available for prescheduled appointments of 20 minutes or more. You must request a quote in the comments box as pricing may vary.

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