I must admit that my most favorite time of year is approaching and it begins later on this month. A new season is beginning to unfold, as well as all of the newness all over the world. Love sizzles and burns and we are all ready to cool off,…. summer fades and the fall is emerging, as everything once again continues to change as our lives begin to turn. It is a Happy Birthday for you this year Virgo, and the letter C is paramount for you now. There have been three separate gifts of crayons handed to me this week, and I can only transform this into my thoughts about you Virgins! Creativity looms and color, as well as crayons,…. many different ones of course, show up to add more flavor to your world.(think people!) The word comedy has also appeared, so we will look to you for a whole new experience. Cleanliness…. well… it is or is not, but you should move forward, without a CARE in the world. See you in the fall, and let the summer brilliantly shine as it comes to a crazy or startling close. For all of you of course, more soon….. With Love and Miracles Abound~ Katt Hall *Late note~ I am basking in the glow of home and family now, as I feel the nurturing vibe much more than in previous months. Please check my new semester of classes over at 12Academy, and Series 1 begins soon! School is back in session, and I will be excited to share with you!

September 2012

As I was saying through my introduction Virgo, Happy Birthday to you, and it all looks so good! You are finally in control of your feelings and your mind, and the topic of creativity is making it’s presence known, all over your world. The most important thing that your guides have expressed, is that The Comedy Channel, should be part of your agenda…. it is time to lighten your thoughts and your feelings, and laugh more throughout your days….. Do take notice that I did not say nights, because that is a serious matter for you this month. Rest and nutrtition are huge desires right now, and sleep is paramount to the future success of your health. You begin this cycle with a much stronger vibration, so calming yourself in between heightened moments is key to accomplishing all of the little things. Procrastination will no longer be a part of your vocabulary, and you are showing yourself to the public in a brand new way. Your creative impulses are bursting at the seams, though this is the area of your life that you will now view as funny. You are stepping outside of your original boundaries and are finally shaking the worry of what others think. Recent hurts disintegrate magically and you will not waste time on frivelous things. I do see you tuned into more of the sillier things, and play time will be added, you know you’re ready. Is that a playground for adults you are visiting? I believe I can see the slot machines or the neon signs that show you feverishly dancing. You are able to deepen the quality of your psychic gifts, and mediumship (if not already) will become a larger interest. If you follow this path and study new material, there is a profound moment, that will be solid proof for you! Your professional world will also receive a boost, and the 9th to the 19th day will be very beneficial for you! The whimsical tarot that I pulled today shows the 10 of pentacles and this is what it says~ You will manage the numerous daily events in your life, without pressure or emotion, you can take on the world. Financial matters pending will now come to a close, and be prepared either way for a new household appliance. Gain is indicated through investments this fall, and if you are looking to fall in love keep traditional thoughts through your core. Someone wants to show you a new world, and coupled or married Virgos enjoy the flow of it all. This season will bring new growth to you all, and balance, home and family is the center of your soul. Anything in your world that is left undone, will easily be completed, once and for all. You deserve the rich experiences taking place for you now, and I can hear many of you laughing out loud. There is one more secret that you have not exposed….. see you next month Virgo, HAPPY NEW YEAR to YOU!